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Final Fantasy TCG
The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is a trading card game released by Square Enix featuring Final Fantasy characters. Similar to other trading card games, players build decks of cards and battle each other using them.

Each turn, players spend their Crystal Points to play other cards. Crystal Points are provided in two ways: either by Dulling (turning sideways) a Backup card, providing one Crystal Point of its type, or by discarding a card from the player's hand, providing two Crystal Points of that card's type. To successfully play a card, the player must pay at least one CP of its type, and enough other CP to make up its cost. Therefore, a Fire card with a cost of 5 requires one Fire CP and four CP of any types. The exceptions are Light and Dark type cards; these have no type requirements for paying their costs, and cannot be discarded for CP.

The game is won by attacking with Forwards. The defending player can choose whether or not to block attacking Forwards with their own Forwards. If two Forwards are in combat with each other, the Forward with the higher power destroys the other, and the loser is put into its owner's Break Zone (discards). If the Forward was unblocked, it deals one damage to the defending player. Whenever a player is dealt damage, they put that many cards from the top of their deck into their Damage Zone. When a player's Damage Zone has seven cards in it, that player loses the game.
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 Final Fantasy TCG - Starter Set XIII   Final Fantasy TCG - Starter Set XIII 
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