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Brettspill - Stalingrad '42  Kr949,00
1 p lager i Norge

Antall spillere2-4
Alder 14+

Stalingrad "42 is a division-level game on the Axis 1942 summer offensive towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Historically, this epic struggle lasted for 6 months and saw the Axis armies reach the Volga and the Caucasus Mountains. But Soviet resistance stiffened and final victory eluded the German army at Stalingrad and in the Caucasus. The ensuing November Soviet offensive trapped the Wehrmacht's largest army (the 6th) at Stalingrad and marked the beginning of the end for Axis fortunes in World War II. Stalingrad '42 uses the same scale and nearly all the rules of Ukraine '43. Many modifications have been made to improve the system and to show crucial features of the campaign. New rules include leaders, elite panzer divisions, planned operations, hidden Soviet buildup, and Army/Front offensive support.

With four maps and low unit density, the game delivers a grand view of the campaign, where decisions about movement and direction of attack have lasting effects that propel or curtail your future strategic plans. The effect is like watching a story unfold and noticing a growing emotional involvement with your forces and plans. In the end, whether in victory or defeat, players of Stalingrad '42 will enjoy an epic gaming experience.

MAP SCALE: 1 hex = 10 miles TIME SCALE: 1 turn = 3-7 days NUMBER OF PLAYERS: 2-4 UNIT SCALE: Small Corps/Divisions/Brigades/Regiments

COMPONENTS 4 Maps (2 full size, 2 small, total footprint 48" x 43.5") 3 Counter sheets (576 9/16" playing pieces) 5 Scenario cards 2 (identical) Player aid cards 1 Rules booklet 1 Playbook with examples of play, design notes, and historical notes

SCENARIOS * Campaign Game: June 28th - December 31st (36 turns) * Fall Blau: June 28th - July 28th (8 turns, one full-size map) * Caucasus Campaign: August 2nd - November 11th (18 turns, two small maps) * Operation Uranus: November 12th - December 31st (9 turns, two full-size maps)

FEATURES * Ease of play * Accurate Order of Battle * Detailed game maps * Rules for: Blitzkrieg warfare, Reserves, Offensive Planning, Sea Movement, Leaders, City Battles, North Caucasus Volunteers, and hidden Soviet buildup.

SEQUENCE OF PLAY OUTLINE A. WEATHER PHASE B. AXIS PLAYER TURN 1. Initial Phase 2. Movement Phase 3. Combat Phase 4. Recovery Phase 5. Supply Phase C. SOVIET PLAYER TURN (Identical to Axis Player Turn) D. VICTORY DETERMINATION PHASE

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