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Icons of the Realms: Walking Statue of Waterdeep The Honorable Knight  
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he Walking Statues are mighty constructs built for the defense of holy temples, ancient vaults, and the most important cities, castles, and fortresses of Waterdeep. They often served as ethereal guardians that could attack other ethereal creatures approaching its guarded area. They were unswervingly loyal to their instructions or orders, carrying them out to the best of their abilities.
The gorgeous detail on this miniature highlights the incredible power that is at the Blackstaffs command. Towering over the city of Waterdeep at 57′ 3″ tall, it is a sight to behold.

Bring one of the awesome protectors of the Crown of the North to your Waterdeep adventure with this premium figure! At 11″ tall, this fantastic pre-painted premium figure will be the perfect piece to create an immersive roleplaying-game experience. Its the perfect addition to your Waterdeep adventure and beyond!

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